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Talent Development Program for Leaders of the Future
Duration of the program: from April until December of 2017



A program to develop managerial and workplace competencies for university students and graduates between 20 and 28 who have leadership ambitions and wish to go for remarkable achievements and have impact on people.

What does Talent Plantation offer to participants?
•    practical leadership knowledge
•    training series worth 600.000 HUF
•    opportunity to introduce themselves to progressive companies in Hungary
•    chance to acquire a certificate as “Successful Manager in the Future”
•    visit at certain Professional Partners
•   full access to the Digital Training Films Collection of Human Telex Consulting during the program

Application requirements:
•    age between 20 and 28
•    started or finished university studies
•    sending in the application materials until the 15th of March (data sheet, 2 written references, short motivational video,paper about generation Y in the world of work)


What does Talent Plantation offer for Professional Partners?
•    appearance on related offline and online platforms, promotions and the Conference of

Generation Y in November
•    relationship with practice oriented, ambitious workforce who have fresh knowledge
•    access to the received application materials
•    opportunity to participate in the preselection of applicants
•    opportunity to participate in the Development Center for the applicants
•    appearance at the “Professional Club” occasions
•    opportunity to participate in the final event of Talent Plantation


The aim of the talent program is not to deliver or teach leadership theories. During this 1 year our goal is to develop competencies and skills required for working effectively as a manager in the future. We do not have any limitation regarding the type of education or specialization – the Talent Plantation program can be targeted with any higher educationbackground.


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