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Time: 2018, November 27-28.

Venue: Human Telex Consulting 1015 Budapest, Toldy Ferenc utca 16/c.


Course Overview

Consultative selling helps professionals and consults identify with their clients needs, bring new creative insights into their minds and give them solutions to help their business. The best agreements arise when the sales process helps develop trust by adjusting to client needs and truly understanding client problems while providing confidence that their team can deliver results to solve the fundamental problem at hand.

In today's business world, all professionals sell. We take a look at what it takes and how to develop strategies for success.


About the trainer

Mark has over 20 years’ experience across various industries and business sectors. He trained as a manufacturing engineer and moved into the production process management where reporting and customer management were important. He moved from there into FDI (foreign direct investments) for international clients building industrial facilities and later into representing property developers investing in Hungary. This role involved selling, negotiation and client representation while securing new projects and selling consulting engineering services. More recently he has been involved in developing international strategies for SMEs and Startups and helping them build sales processes.


Who will benefit from this program?

This program is particularly effective for people new to this domain or people looking to differentiate their sales approach from the competition.

Benefits include:

  • Drive increased revenue by improving closing ratios with new customers and expanding revenue with existing customers
  • Drive a buyer focussed sales dialogues
  • Drive larger opportunities by uncovering unrecognised needs
  • Shorten sales cycles by driving momentum and building buyer confidence
  • Reduce objection rates by diffusing client defensiveness
  • Increase sellers awareness of their style and offer areas for improvement


Objectives & Learning Outcomes

This course aims to provide people involved in selling professional services with a broad overview of the requirements and skills to be successful in consultative selling processes.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the soft skills and human elements important in consultative services
  2. Critique their own lead generation approaches with inputs from trainers and peers
  3. Develop techniques to get to grips with the client problem
  4. Better understand the client side of the negotiation
  5. Effectively prepare for negotiations
  6. Effectively prepare personalised offers to clients
  7. Improve their ability to close deals with clients
  8. Develop a process for ongoing client management with a view to upselling


Course Outline

The two day workshop will be fast paced and high impact. Participants are hosted at the trainers facility and provided with complimentary refreshments, snacks and lunch.

Fee: HUF 120.000 + VAT/person

Applications are welcome now until the group-size reaches its limit of 12 persons.

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