Human Telex Consulting

Strategic Counselling

Hungarian Sugar

By harmonizing the plans of different departments within the organization, throughout 2015 we supported Hungarian Sugar in finding new strategic directions.




Metro Trading Ltd.

Since 2016 Human Telex Consulting has been supporting METRO-s new strategic direction, and helping change-management within the organization.


Organizational Culture Development


STI Petőfi Press

Culture Improvement Programme from 2002 until 2010 via full-organizational and leadership trainings.


FOUR SEASONS Gresham Hotel

In 2011 all members of the company took part in the so called ,,Fish” programme, in order to enhance a positive, customer focused approach.



Our cooperation showed that it is not only huge organizations, that find it important, whether members of the company act according to its basic principles or not (2011-2012).



Team-building trainings were followed by cultural development programmes in close cooperation with inner coaches and trainers. (2009-2011)



Leadership Development:


AES-TISZA Power Plant

Interview-technique training for board members and higher managers (50 people) in order to help the practical application of a new performance management system.



Leadership and Organizational Culture Development 2-year Programmes (2016- ) with a special focus on individual improvement.


SANOMA Budapest

Leadership Development Programme and continuous Coaching since 2002 in order to create an efficient strategic plan and enhance managerial cooperation



Since 2006 we are working together with Dorsum in order to enhance strategic planning and improve leadership skills among managers and board members of the company.



Our cooperation was renewed in 2007 with complex competence assessments, leadership skills development trainings (together with individual coaching), and customer service improvement programmes.


NIF – National Infrastructure Improvement 

Cooperation enhancement and leadership skills improvement programmes together with individual coaching (2007- 2010).




Performance assessment trainings for one year.


STI Petőfi Press

Project and time-management, negotiating skills development, indoor and outdoor teambuilding, change and conflict management programmes since 2001, on the basis of a 360° managerial survey assessing board members.



Cooperation enhancement programmes in the factories as well as leadership skills development trainings for higher managers of production since 2005.



Leadership development programmes with a special focus on strengthening managerial identities, tailored to meet the needs of the organization.




Talent Management:


BD Medical

Talent management programmes based on organizational network analysis, in order to find the ,,key stakeholders” within the company.



Talent management and career enhancement trainings through personality assessment programmes, general leadership development, and negotiation trainings parallel to economic knowledge improvement classes (2007-2009).


COCA-COLA Beverages Magyarország

As part of a talent management programme since 2007 for college and university students we provide skills development programmes for youngsters, and educate mentors.


STI Petőfi Press

,,High Potential Talent Management Programme”. The 2 year programme is based on a 360° analysis, and includes different skills development programmes and project works.



A yearly competence building and talent management programme in two steps, in cooperation with Flow (since 2009).



Two-year career management programme with conflict management and personality assessment trainings for the most important key talents of the Bank (2010-2012).




Sales and acquisition development, CRM-support, customer service, and negotiation techniques:



We have been working with the sales team of Eduscho for almost a decade in the 90s, trying to always be up-to-date regarding the changing trends in commerce.



Sales development programmes since 2005, continuously focusing on current business barriers and dilemmas.




STI Petőfi Press

Negotiation development and sales programmes for the sales team of the company as well as acquisition efficiency improvement programmes.



Negotiation technique development trainings for the acquisition team of the organization from 2005 to 2010.



One of the reasons for the success of our oldest business partner is that the company is operating with a highly trained sales team. Improving through a module based training programme the team was able to stay motivated and achieve high results continuously.



Sales development training with a special focus on customer inquiry calls.



SHELL Hungary

Sales development and customer service improvement trainings from 2005 to 2010.




Customer service improvement programme with easy-to-measure results (2010-2011).




ITD Hungary

Negotiation technique trainings and commerce improving, investment motivating classes from 2008 to 2011 both to the organization itself and to its partners.



Project management:



Since 2009 we have been working together with Bosch in several areas, including: presentation technique and leadership development trainings, as well as project management programmes with the help of the so called PM Softskill Toolkit both in Hungarian and in English.




We have been helping the work of the project managers of ENER-G with skills development programmes since 2010.






Project management trainings since 2008.





Trainer Improvement Programmes:


ING Insurance

In 2011 and 2012 the inner trainers of the organization carried out a 4 step programme for the sales management team of the company, with the help of and Human Telex Consulting.



Train the Stress-Trainer programme, helping stress management within the organization.



A two-step training technique improvement programme for several different managers of the organization. 



Teambuilding and cooperation improvement:



With the help of the so called Team-Mapper Network Analysis we were able to support and strengthen higher managerial cooperation within the company.



Both indoor and outdoor training programmes to employees and managers as well from 2007 to 2012.




Successful outdoor training programmes for large numbers of participants from 2010 to 2011.



CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal

Cooperation improvement programmes with leadership skills development elements for the managerial board of the organization from 2007 to 2012.




Team-building trainings for all parts of the organization since 2010.



We have been supporting the company with a cooperation improvement training focusing on conflict management.




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Innovative, educatiuonal but also exciting outdoor and indoor team-building programmes, both for smaller and larger teams.


Other popular programmes of Human Telex Consulting:

Stress Management (Tesco, Munkaügyi Minisztérium, Corinthia…)  

Presentation Technique (BP EBSC, ITD Hungary, HEWITT, MFB Invest, Montana…)

Time Management (TMF Hungary, Hungrana, EAGLE OTTAWA, National Instruments, VOCH ...) 

Workshops (Béres, STI Petőfi Press, K&H Bank…)

Moderating negotiations (Magyar Telekom, Bosch, Klett, Raiffeisen Leasing..)

Assessment- / Development Centers (Beiersdorf, AFL Hungary, ALCOA, BMW Hungary)



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