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Other international partners:


Our international connections provide a basis for always keeping our know-how up to date both in Hungary and anywhere else in the World.


Video Arts (England)

Future Factory (Scotland)

Gower Publishing (England)

Charthouse (USA)


CRM Films (USA)

TFC (The Netherlands)

Jenison (England)

(V)ideo Center (Slovenia)

Docheva and Partners (Bulgaria)

Eureka Training and Tests (Romania)

Romarketing (Romania)

Action learning (USA-Hungary.)

EKA Academy (India)

Business Works (Fülöp-szigetek)  

Middel & Partners (Dél-Afrika) 

Kaiblinger+Partner (Ausztria)          

MovingYou (Dánia)       

Global DiVision (Németország)        

SevenDimensions (Ausztrália)   

OVC Consulting (Litvánia) 

Flow International (Magyarország, Portugália, Írország)

Lamarca Consultoria (Brazília)


The Flow Group

Human Telex Consulting, one of the founding members of Flow, is currently – since 2016 january – its strategic partner.

Flow and HTC together have more than 50 trainers and coaches, being able to carry out projects of greater capacity and complexity.


Organizations in which we have individual or organizational memberships:


European Training Media Association

Training Round-table Association

International Organization Development Association

Hungarian Organizational Development Union

Hungarian Psychodrama Association

BKIK Coaching Department's Chairmanship

Hungarian Project Management Partnership

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