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"Leadership Academies" are an essential element of our service portfolio, in which we offer and implement a modular system spanning 1-1.5-2 years, for medium-sized and large corporate customers. During the program, we are also focusing on the self-knowledge of leaders, the awareness and development of their leadership skills, the incorporation of learning, and the resolution of individual leadership challenges, with our solid and concise methodology.


Leaders take part in individual and group occasions. An integral part of the program is usually an initial online GPOP or a DiSC or skill indicator questionnaire with a personal feedback session on the results; training sessions and associated management workshops; a series of preparatory and integration tasks, Supporting  training videos are available through the online Training Film Library.

The results of the Leadership Academy are bound to be plentiful in our experience. A unified leadership culture, a team of leaders committed to each other's and the organization's goals, more conscious and professional leaders – all leading to a higher retention rate of the workforce.


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