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The mission of our Innovation Management business line is to support our partners in shaping an organizational culture that promotes innovation and innovating processes - from idea to implementation. Innovation is more than just creating new ideas, it is the conscious facilitation of the process of getting to the realization.

HTC's InnoLab team - trained consultants for international methodologies and developers of our own methodologies - offers a variety of solutions tailored to the needs of our partners. Our clients can choose from a wide range of our methodologies that support innovation:


Full innovation process support:

Innovation Marathon


In the course of our self-developed process we look for key innovators, prepare leaders to support the process, help the involvement of other members in the  organization, and formation of the teams in the Innovation Marathon. Throughout the program, we continue to support the teams: we help to evaluate ideas, select the best, support the feasibility evaluation process. Besides the innovations that can be implemented in business the process results in the creation of an organizational culture prone to innovation.





A structured innovation process for 20 weeks to develop products and services.

The methodology was developed on the ground of practical life by Gijs van Wulfen, an innovation expert who has developed on the basis of his experience of 25 years of consulting innovation and who has personally accredited our consultants. Based on international research, 78 of the 100 ideas of FORTH processes are going to development phase and 51 are realized - in contrast to the stage-gate methodology 21.






Idea Factory:

From 20 to 500 people Idea Factory is a viable forum for collecting and evaluating ideas in the course of an energy-filled 3-hour-event, led by our internationally accredited consultants. The advantage of this method is that, besides the idea of collecting ideas within a given organization, it is also good for partners to involve customers or suppliers - so that the needs and opinions of the business environment actors can be included in the development.



An online platform that supports group generations. As a contracted partner we use it individually and embedded in process.



Creativity Development:


inspirational workshops

creative techniques training

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