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Failure is a useful step in innovation
Organizations' innovation problems are not sector-specific


What is the common feature of innovation solutions for a Hungarian university and an international mobile service company? As a solitary warrior or as a team is it easier to introduce improvements? Where are our best ideas born? These and even more exciting questions were explored by international keynote speakers and local experts on February 19th at Human Telex Consulting “Dare to Develop! - The Road to Innovation” Conference.




“Put your hands up: whose best ideas born at home in the shower? For whom is it while driving or sitting in the traffic jam? During running, sporting? Now let’s see, how many of you get your most innovative ideas at work?”  - called the audience Lindsy Szilvasi, innovation program manger of Studio.Why. She was not at all surprised by the fact that while the previous questions resulted in swinging hands, not one went high up at the last one. Our innovative ideas is almost everywhere, not just at our workplace, despite the fact that they are most welcome to be there.

According to the expert, our social frameworks and educational rules break our creative approach at a very young age. If you make a mistake, you are punished. If you break out of the usual frames as a child, you can easily get the criticism: it does not look like this, it's just a dream, not a reality. And this builds the routine of staying away from failure.

„Innovation is an approach that has no written and unwritten rules. Failure is a useful and valuable step that promotes our innovative ideas. It is also important to have a culture of innovation that supports it in the company. Without, we cannot expect an active attitude from the employees.” Lindsy emphasised.

The challenge of getting supporters for our innovation initiatives is also a huge challenge within an organization. Without it, we can encounter obstacles very soon. It is enough for only one department to say no to the realization. – emphasized Gijs van Wulfen, global speaker on innovation, founder FORTH innovation methodology.

Think of the neighbor's child. Who is the one who loves the neighbour's child with the same enthusiasm as his own? It’s the same with ideas. We may like the other's innovative idea, but we only go to fire for our own idea.” For this reason, it is almost impossible to achieve breakthrough success in this area as a lonely/solitary warrior. However, if we think of a team and we get the key people involved in the idea as soon as possible, everyone will feel the project for their own child.

All of these are not sector-specific problems - it has been revealed in several case studies. Creating a culture of innovation, an organization open to ideas is just as difficult for the University of Miskolc as Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems, or even for Orange Romania. (These were the case studies presented at the Conference) True, the end result will be different - concrete product or service developments, renewed hr system - but the innovation path leading to it is paved with very similar bricks.



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