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Hungarian debut of Video Arts Essentials!

Our most important training-films creator partner, Video Arts debuted its entertaining, funny and very educational 2 minutes short movie series; Essentials in 2015. It is now available online with Hungarian subtitles as well in our digital training movie catalogue!

The short movies demonstrate good and bad (sometimes horrible) examples of business practices, providing practical, easy to implement knowledge to everyone. Essentials can be used for individual development, as well as for teambuilding processes, and since the movies often happen to be ridiculously funny, the business situations portrayed in them will surely be easily remembered.

Find the videos online in our digital training movie catalogue in the following two categories: Workplace Skills and Management Skills.

Let’s have a look at two examples!

One related to the area of Management Skills: ,,Coaching Goals”.

And the second related to Workplace Skills: ,,Assertive versus Aggressive”

Ask for a password for a free trial!

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