Human Telex Consulting

Attila Dunai

Trainer, Organizational development Consultant



Transport Automotive Technical High School

Sports Journalism Studio (Andrew Stone)

Drama Education (Gabnai Catherine, Kate Willard, Matthew Louis) 



Trainer - HTC internal trainer training  


Professional Profile:

Practical Intelligence Co-operation and Development

Social Creativity and Innovation Development

Indoor - outdoor team building

FlowChat Workshop Technology 

Self-developed programs and methods:

Outdoor Olympics

Top Repair

Cake Creators

Banking success

Mandala Strategy

Flow Chat 



Szamos Marzipan: Success Bank - Innovation in production

AB Aegon : Success Gala Bank - Innovation in the service industry

Magyar Telekom: team building

Quaestor Group: Small and large group team building, KreaCake

BBS: The art of thinking together chat Flow

Vitrolife: Mandala Strategy

Richter: Session management

Human Telex Consulting Kft.

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