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FORTH is a worldwide-recognised and –proven innovation management methodology. Its founder Gijs van Wulfen personally licenced the first two Hungarian facilitators: Akos Zala, managing director of HTC and Csaba Deák, chancellor of the Miskolc university and mentor of the innovation business branch of HTC.

We are to help you with a structured innovation approach to start innovation effectively which combines both design thinking, creativity and business reality.  FORTH is an acronym found in the first letter of each of the 5 steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming. The FORTH innovation methodology structures the chaotic start of innovation and fosters a culture for innovation in an expedition of 20 weeks. The deliverables of this innovation expedition are 3-5 mini new business cases for innovative concepts, which fit the ‘in the box’ reality of your organization.


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